Andesat was born to satisfy communications needs in the most remote areas of the Andean region. Supported on our vast experience, we offer satellite solutions based on innovation and technology.

The complex geography of the region often presents challenges in communications. With creativity, we surpass the limits, we go further. Designing the ideal, transcending established notions, questioning firsthand conclusions. We identify the problem. We help you find the solution.

Our business model is to be a wholesale satellite service provider. We have developed our own channels, and we collaborate with other providers that offer our solutions as well as theirs, adding value and delivering to each client whatever suits their needs best.


Better processes, higher productivity

The best decisions are made when we have relevant, integrated, real-time information. At Grupo Andesat R&D we develop the solution your company needs.
Let's get started!

Our 3 teleports and 6 satellites guarantee the broadest coverage in the continent.

We are the only company in the region to offer satellite and teleport redundancy.



The connectivity revolution is here to stay in every area, and the satellite industry is no exception.

New satellites, new technology, more efficiency and more connectivity at competitive prices. New developments in field equipment, and new antennas that provide outstanding connectivity for a wide array of devices.