Our company specializes in satellite communications, and our focus is in generating solutions for companies and added value services. We provide connectivity to remote areas, and one of our main objectives is the expansion of cellular networks in rural areas. We help mobile Network Operators to expand their area of coverage.

We work with cutting edge, world class technology. From our teleport, based in Santiago de Chile, we provide communications solutions for all of Chile and the Andean region.

We are committed to reach further every day, and to keep offering solid, reliable communications.


The strength of business companies lies mostly in the alliances that they forge. With intelligence, and trusting our joint efforts and capabilities, we have achieved great results. We can go further by working together.

We started operations on July 2010, and we have grown steadily ever since. Our focus is in wholesale business, providing services to telephone providers, for field as well as maritime services, and for backhaul cellular developments. We also develop channels in diverse verticals such as mining, construction, petroleum and gas, aquaculture, and the fishing sector.

Andesat focuses in the operation of its three teleports, and in hiring the satellite bandwidth and field and maritime equipment necessary to provide connectivity services.
Andesat Chile is the pioneer company that promoted Andesat Group, that offers services in Chile, Argentina, Perú and Ecuador, in continuous expansion throughout Latin America. Andesat Group is formed by Anylink Argentina S.A. and Velconet S.A. (soon to be Andesat Argentina), Andesat S.A. and Satelnet SpA in Chile, Andesat Perú SAC in Perú, and Andesat Ecuador in Ecuador.